Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm sorry, Hillary

Four years ago, when we lost the election, I cried. I knew it meant four more years of what we'd had. I knew it meant four more years of war. I knew it meant four years to pack the Supreme Court.

When the rumblings began that Hillary would run for president, I pushed them aside. I didn't let myself believe. I told myself--I told my husband--that Hillary would never succeed. The sexist country that we are wouldn't elect a woman to the presidency. I heard the news reports. I listened to them say how polarizing she was. I believed that.

Then I came home for a visit and heard my brother-in-law, one of the last I would expect, say that he hoped Hillary ran because he wanted to vote for her. My mind slowly began to change. Hillary announced she was running and I was excited, but still not able to put my heart and soul into it. I couldn't let myself hope.

I'd had such admiration for Hillary for such a long time, but I had a hard time allowing myself to believe she could be elected. I let the bit of doubt I had creep into my mind. For that, I feel extremely guilty now.

Why couldn't I be totally open to the idea that Hillary COULD and WOULD win the nomination? Why did I let the doubt creep in? I watched the polls. She was way ahead. I wanted to hope so badly. I still couldn't. I was worried about the same kind of kick in the stomach I'd felt in 2004. Now I feel guilty. Shame on me for not just believing from the beginning.

Shame on me for not standing up from day one. At some point, maybe it was after she won New Hampshire, I let the belief in. I let it take over and I began to hope and dream. Yes, us Clinton supporters have hopes and dreams, too!

And now, as I watch her being declared out, I don't believe it, but I hate myself for not standing up more strongly and for not yelling as loudly as I could for Hillary. I am mad at myself for not being there, for not calling everyone I knew from day one. I know in my heart that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to lead this country. I know that she has the best plans. I know that she is the one we need.

In the morning, I'll go vote. I'll mark my ballot. I've made phoneo calls and done what I can here.

I promise that if this goes the way we need it to, I WILL be there. I will give more. I will do more. I will do everything in my power to get Hillary Clinton elected. I promise. No more doubts. Somehow, some way, the status quo has to change.

As women, we are made to feel a step below. We're told as little girls we can do anything, but it seems that when the truth comes out, we are held back at times. We have to change that. Now is the time to do that. As women, we need to work together--as women, as mothers. We have to do this.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where are the feminists?

I don't understand it. We have the FIRST truly viable FEMALE candidate running for president and I don't hear any feminist voices! Have women been forgotten by themselves? Have we forgotten the struggles our mothers and grandmothers went through? Are we complacent? Where are the women who should be screaming angrily at the media who has decided this primary race? WHERE ARE YOU?

Our daughters are watching. They are learning. They see that it's ok to screw over a woman. They see that sexism is the last prejudice that is encouraged in our society. Certainly if I don't support Obama, I'm a racist. At least that's what I've been told.

I'm not a racist. I just want the best candidate. The color of anyone's skin doesn't matter to ME. Their sex doesn't matter either, but I can NOT believe that the best candidate is a first term senator with NO EXPERIENCE. I cannot support him and I will not vote for him. I WILL write in Hillary Clinton come November if I have to. Please join me.

Women - find your voice! The time is NOW. Actually, it was months ago, but now will work, too.

Hillary's WV visit!

We had the chance to see Hillary in person Thursday! What a wonderful experience it was and it was a pleasure to meet so many Hillary supporters. This was my first time using this camera, so it's not the best.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't let them choose!

I've posted about this before, but it bears repeating. I strongly believe the media is trying to pick the democratic candidate and they don't want it to be Hillary Clinton. It doesn't matter what she does, she does nothing right. President Clinton can do nothing right either! It's scary the way the news is being skewed to benefit the other side.

President Clinton can talk back to a heckler and everyone wonders what affect that has on Hillary's campaign. Michelle Obama can say she'd have to think about whether or not she could support Hillary or that for the first time in her life she's proud of her country, but no one bats an eye. What is wrong with this picture?

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Is it? I guess we all have to decide. I'm sure if I'd borrowed so extensively from a source when writing a research paper, I would have received a well deserved F. You have to decide for yourself though!

Hopes & Dreams

I don't get it. According to all the polls on CNN & MSNBC, I should not be supporting Hillary. I'm under 50. I have a college education. (Ok, granted, I'm a few credits short of my degree, but I DID go.) According to those polls, Hillary is winning the over 50 female vote while Obama has the under 50, college educated crowd. Hmmmm...I guess I always had to be different.

It must be obvious from this blog who I'm supporting. I have a definite preference and have since Hillary put her name out there. Actually, I've been pulling for her for years. I've wanted to see her run since...well, since forever, but I honestly didn't think she had a shot. Why? Because she's a woman.

When she first announced her candidacy, I did my best NOT to get excited. I was convinced that as the first woman to run, she wouldn't make it very far. As time went on however, I became more passionate and at this point, my idealistic self wants to accept nothing short of a Hillary Clinton presidency. I'm not part of the 79% of democrats who will apparently be happy either way. I'm afraid I'm going to feel as though something wonderful was stolen if Hillary does not win the nomination because I've allowed myself to hope.

Why? I've thought about this a lot. I've always been into politics, but actually, I was raised on the other side. When I first registered to vote, I registered as a Republican. What can I say? I was young. I quickly learned the error of my ways! So back to the question at hand...
What does this election mean to me?

As a woman Hillary inspires me. The thought of a woman in the White House simply thrills me. It honestly isn't something I expected to see before I was 40.

As a mom, it encourages me. With the role of pop culture in our society these days, I worry that our daughters don't have appropriate role models. With strong women like Hillary, I now have hope for the future...hope for my own daughter. It really does take a village.

I'm proud that our country is accepting of a female candidate. I'm hopeful that our country will be on the right track again soon.

I have hope...

...hope that the war will soon end--but in a responsible way.

...hope that we'll all have health insurance that we can afford.

...hope that our economy will improve.

...hope that our educational system will be shaped into something where ALL children have the same opportunities no matter where they live.

...hope that women will always have the right to choose.

...hope that with stem cell research, we can find cures for horrible diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

...hope that American will once again be respected and have friends around the world.

With Hillary as president, I feel that all things are possible. She's the candidate with the plans. She'll be ready. LET'S DO THIS!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leave Chelsea Alone

I've come to the conclusion that the press wants to pick the Democratic nominee. Everytime I see something like this, it makes me more convinced.

I'm not sure I understand the big deal. So Chelsea is campaigning for her mom. Big freaking deal. Didn't the Bush twins campaign for their dad? Doesn't Obama parade his kids out on the stage at rallies? Didn't the Edwards family do the same? What difference does it make? Didn't Chelsea gave a speech in '04 for John Kerry or am I dreaming that now? Chelsea is there for her mom. She's supporting her mom. What is the big deal? I also think if she wanted to talk to reporters and give interviews, she could probably handle herself quite well. She's a 27 year old woman now. Not the twelve year old who moved into the White House and found herself the ridicule of some nasty conservative talk show hosts.

Hillary should be proud and if I were Hillary, I'd stay away from MSNBC. It's obvious to me that the entire network wants her to lose(aside from Keith Olbermann and Dan Abrams.) First there was Chris Matthews and his comments about Hillary and now this. I think MSNBC needs to have a talk about "appropriate" comments and if Mr. Shuster thinks his comments to Mika were an "apology" he needs to look up that word in a dictionary.